According to Nokia, Ovi Store has served a record 7.62 million downloads in a single day.Ovi Store daily download requests recently soared to 7.62 million, crossing the 7-million milestone for the first time and beating the previous record, set only few days earlier, by 840,000 downloads.Nokia said the Ovi Store was serving in October of last year.

Apple announced this month 15 billion downloads on its app store since the beginning, which works out to a rough average of 13 million downloads per day. The real number these days is almost certainly much higher because there are many more iOS devices today than when the app store launched.

This significant jump in content consumption on Ovi Store follows the global removal of the registration/login requirement to download free items from the mobile web channel. The biggest increase was in India, where downloads more than tripled, making India the top country by downloads from the mobile web channel.