Nokia launches its new smartphone Lumia 820. This phone was unveiled during Nokia’s “Switch to Lumia” event which was held at New York. Lumia 820 comes with a   4.3-inch display.

Lumia 820 has a 8GB internal storage and alongside houses a slot for micro SD’s.  A 1.5Ghz dual core S4 processor does its work inside this phone. And this phone features a 8mp camera at the back, beautified with  Carl Zeiss lens. This phone records video in true HD (1080p) at 30 frames/second.

Lumia comes with striking new colours . It uses a interchangeable  shell which can be  removed and users can switch between array of colours.

Lumia 820 is baked with Windows Phone 8 operating system. Lumia 820 also features ability to take screenshots by pressing the ‘Home button’ and ‘Power’ button simultaneously. This phone does have the same wireless charging capabilities.

Tom Warren jad stated in his report that “Nokia will introduce its latest Lumia 820 handset at a special event with Microsoft on Wednesday September 5th, we have learned. Images of the Lumia 820 leaked last week and we have been able to confirm them with multiple sources. The 4.3-inch Lumia 820 will be Nokia’s new mid- to high-end Windows Phone and will feature some of the same impressive hardware specifications that its big brother (Lumia 920) also includes.”

Well, Now this phone is in front of our eyes, Anyone witnessed the launch event?

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