The device rumored with the codename “Sea Ray” is now called Nokia 800 and looks near identical to the Meego-powered Nokia N9. So here are the first official press shots for the Nokia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smartphone:


The above photos are provide by As we said before the device looks very much like Nokia N9. The chassis comes in black, blue, and pink. It features 3.7-inch display under Gorilla Glass .

The device is expected to be unveiled at next week’s Nokia World Conference.

Source/Image Credit: pocketnow

  • iphonefamily

    They’ve got a few devices coming out and this one is supposedly the mid-range device. When Nokia World comes out, we’ll see if they have something like that ready to push out (Nokia Ace?)

  • MobsIdo

    It’s not the first phone with WP mango is it? I love this design, I believe Nokia has a chance of survival.

  • John

    @Above.. most probably it would b Nokia 1st WP phone..