Nikon latest camera the S1200pj comes with a built in LED projector. But that is not anything new. The new feature in this is  that this camera projector can be used to display the media stored not just in the camera, but also from Apple’s iOS devices. And just to make that feature more awesome, the S1200pj uses DLP technology which gives a brighter output while consuming less power.

The Nikon S1200pj projector uses a 13mm/f2.1 lens with a 20 lumen light source which contains a red , blue and green LED each. This can display images of about 60″ for a maximum distance of 10′. Although everything above sounds cool, the projector pf S1200pj will drain the Li-ion batteries in an hour with ease. So you will be glancing at the 3″ LCD screen for a greater part of you time.

The Nikon can be bought by a pre-order on  Amazon for $429.

Source: Technabob