NFS:Most wanted is set to be announced this month during EA’s E3 press conference, Most Wanted is developed by Criterion Games and will be published by EA.

The previous version of Most Wanted was released in 2005, And this game turned the path of NFS franchise. The previous version of NFS:MW was developed by EA Canada and was published by Electronic Arts(EA), Most Wanted got many positive reviews regarding gameplay and other things. And NFS:MW was made available for many gaming consoles, And it is the ninth installment in the NFS franchise.

Most Wanted(2005) was a great success and now the new version is set to announce during EA’s E3 press conference.EA has confirmed the news about NFS:MW(2012) in a post on their Official Facebook page. Most Wanted is a best game in NFS series, I expect more from the new version.
And make sure to watch EA’s E3 press conference live on June 4th at 1PM (PST) for more info!