A group of google fans who have been campaigning to name the upcoming Android version  Kaju katli were disappointed on being named by google as KitKat, after a chocolate instead of a dessert name.

They wrote “We are Indians. We have big hearts. We understand that there might be commercial pressures to do so. Or maybe our voices were just not loud enough to make KajuKatli Android a reality.” 

Rumours has it that a group of students from IIT kharangpur have written a open letter to Google’s Android boss, Sundar Pichai, requesting the Internet giant to call the next Android version as Lassi.

The letter Reads “We would like to suggest that the very next version of Android be named on one of the most popular Indian dessert, Lassi. Lassi, the humble Indian sweetened yogurt based drink, is a traditional chilled beverage of India served with an assortment of flavourings. Lassi symbolizes the purity and delicacy of Indian culture. This explains the huge cult following that Lassi commands all over India.”

There is also another campaign lauched in support of naming the Next Android version as Ladoo. Thanks to social media,The movement has being getting immense popularity and support.If rumours are to be believed, it seems that a few boxes of Ladoos have already been sent to larry page and andy rubin.


  • We cannot decide for them. It’s up to Google to decide what he wants to name it. I think KitKat is a cute name.