Today popular hacker th3j35t3r retweeted something which could change out thoughts on The Real Sabu. Sabu is the leader of Hacktivist group LulzSec. The leak was released by a twitter profile ByeByeLulz.

Well, according to the link provided by ByeByeLulz, the real Sabu is Hugo Carvalho.He lives here Marco de Canaveses, Portugal.

Here is the pastebin release:

Ok this will be a mess but work with it… i need to get it out quick. Sorry 4 the typos

I am not a hacker… Not a cracker… Not a What ever else you call yourselves.

Im a dad of an Autistic Child who was gutted when PS Network went down and I also see the horrendus using of children with similar disabilities for the gain of the so called Anon and Lulz….

So Lets see what i can do… SABU

Hugo … Nice work in all the aliases… Very clever to use your REAl name as an alias (Fake profile).. Are you really that stupid.. taunting the police with a fake profile of someone when u really are Hugo…

Ok this is your SABU!/killersurprise!/killersurprise

He lives here

Marco de Canaveses – Portugal

In 2005 THIS Hugo wrote this programme for a university project he was working on…,com_remository/Itemid,41/func,fileinfo/id,283/

He tried to sell it to paypal and they laughted at him… Its shit, I dont blame them

He is a media and advertising exec for a small crappy company.. with a hobby of IT… lol

The guy presents a proffesional image at work and linkden… Ok so why is his facebook and twitter locked tight? and why are similar followers on twitter all underground porn sites and world news sites… Oh and daniel Peck  (Ile get onto him)

KillerSurprise  – His facebook profile name.. (That will ring bells for the jester and teampoison)
facebook locked
Twitter Locked

Hugo Hefner  – His facebook name…. Really Hugo you are a perfect FBI profile.. Delusions of grandure … HUGH Hefner.. LULZ  your ugly..

We all know abouth the LOSt TV Show references in Lukzsec and from Sabu… Check out the TV shows liked by this person.. Fits his profile and LOSt is on there TWICE??  Stop giving us clues HUGO

So Killersurprise.. Your a Marketing man, a proffesional? Strange name.. Oh no but its not because you are Egotystical..and just a loser in a crappy job who lives an alternate universe online.. Well 3 or 4 infact.

Ok so the UNI you went to… In the Class 2009 –
3 same names of students from that year are also aliases you have used.. WOW

Were u really manical enough to use a mirror Hugo carvalho?  teasing police

I am Hugo… I am from Portugal  The jester said it was the most honest statement he has made?   They were right.. but they had the wrong HUGO…And u set that up… Narcisism… Taunting and teasing with a fake dox of your own name.. Idiot
Worked on paypal donate 2005 … marketing project but no mention of IT skills?

Narcisism.. Did paypal reject his software? i.e PP Attack?  Was that your motive for Paypal?

Your crappy software posted on Joomla hack? 2005.. Is that as in your metpage via joomla?

So your crappy job:

Heres the money shot:

30min ago I called hugo at this company… and said “Hello Hugo how are you”… “How can I help?” he said…. Broken spanish type english..

“I was wondering how the seas are today on the Lulz Boat?”  i said…


I ring back 5min ago….  Someone tells me Hugo has had a family emergancy and has had to leave for the day……


I have tried to get this to the Jester and team Poision so they could have fun before he runs.. but im crap at irc ect so had to post here.. I will set up a fake twitter and send you the link.. Have Fun Guys

Oh Sabu… I mean HUGO…  On your works website… your faveourite car is what?? Subaru… Subaru… Sabu….  Yeah.. a known nickname for the dar… You really are a douch arnt you… LULZ at you.