New Sony VAIO ultrabooks, T15 touch and T14 touch. Touch screen windows 8 laptops. Both powered by Intel processors , with stylish design of brushed aluminium chasis and backlit keyboards. The touch interface is pretty good , but do u really need a touch screen on a laptop?  that is another question you will have to figure out for yourself.


Pretty good connectivity options with USB 3.0, HDMI and VGA , ethernet port  and a optical disc drive to top it off. You won’t find the separate numeric keyboard on this series , something i am sure no laptop user  would miss . This makes the device look more solid  and leaves you with a bigger trackpad. The difference between the T14 and the T15 is that the T14 doesn’t have the 1080 Full HD display. Instead it sports a 1366×768 panel display. Release date and price is yet to be known.


Source: SlashGear

  • Do people need a touchscreen or a laptop? Many experts say that in the future the standard desktop and laptop will both feature a touchscreen monitor.