Blind people can also use smartphones now  thanks to a new software called Georgie. This software can be installed and run on an Android device. Georgie was developed by a blind husband and wife team , Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds.

The name Georgie was kept after Mrs Wilson-Hinds first guide dog. Georgie gives you voice assisted touchscreen and also features a variety of apps which will help blind people to complete day to day tasks like catching a bus , pin pointing a location or reading a printed text.

Georgie can be easily installed in an Android device like Saumsung handsets like Galaxy Ace 2.



“I was able to send my very first text just earlier this year thanks to Georgie,” said Mr Wilson-Hinds.

“It’s exactly the type of digital experience we want to make easily available to people with little or no sight. It is also going to help solve everyday problems for blind people so they can be more confident about navigating the real world and become independent,” he said.


Dialing numbers and sending text messages , is all done using speech inputs. Apps are available in packs .  Like travel, lifestyle and communicate and each pack will cost  £24.99.  Georgie is available at price of  £299, and if you already own an Android device, you can get get the downloaded version for  £149.



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