The new FX series of processors is finally here with 3 models, the FX-8150, FX-8120 and the FX-6100. The top-end FX-8150 is a Eight-core processor with 3.6GHz base clock speed and can be over-clocked to 4.8GHz using the packaged Overdrive software and supports AM3+ socket.

The The FX-8150 undercuts the Core i7-2600 by a good $55 and the AMD benchmarks say that it is equivalent to performance in the multithreaded tasks. The FX has got twice as many cores with  200MHz extra base clock speed and 100-400MHz faster turbo mode specs don’t necessarily translate into real-world performance in the way you might expect. The FX-8150 is priced at $245 a good economical value for the performance. The FX-8150 sells for $245 a good economic for the performance.

Source: engadget