Something interesting for all you science Geeks out there.  For the first time ever a group of scientists have recorded a comet disintegrating into the Sun’s atmosphere. The icy bodied comet called “comet C/2011 N3 (SOHO)” also nicknamed as Icarus. This phenomenon was observed back in July, and today the team has released an in-depth analysis of the sighting.

Icarus belongs to the Kreutz family , which is a group of comets known for cruising perilously close to the sun’s surface. These group of stars have been playing daredevils with the Corona of the Sun  for a long time. Around 16000 members of this family of comets have been known to this. But nobody had ever seen the final moments of a Kreutz comet until now, thanks to Icarus. Researchers at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a 20 minute video if Icarus’s death dive.