Netflix just introduced a new feature to its Android app. Now the version is updated to 2.0.0, with a important feature: ‘WiFi only’ playback to keep mobile data usage in check. Netflix’s app is for streaming TV shows and movies so obviously it uses a huge amount of bandwidth. Hence ‘WiFi only’ playback prevents from chewing up your mobile data plan. The new version is way better than the previous version.

Here’s the announcement from Netflix:

‘We know many of you love to watch Netflix on your Android smartphones and tablets. We just launched a new feature where you can select to playback on WiFi networks only. This means that while you can search, browse and enjoy all aspects of the Netflix app on a mobile data connection or Wifi, you can choose (via a “Settings” feature) to playback on WiFi networks only.’

The 2.0.0 version is available on Google Play Store. Compatible with Android 2.2+ devices.

“Supports Android 2.2-4.x in the USA, Canada, Latin America, UK and Ireland.” as on Google Play Store’s app description.