It has only been 2 weeks since Curiosity rover landed on planet Mars and now NASA has planed to send another robot called the InSight spacecraft a static lander to Mars in 2016. InSight stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, which basically means it will carry instruments to investigate Mars’ deep interior.

[box_dark]John Grunsfeld, who heads up Nasa’s science division says:

“Seismology, for instance, is the standard method by which we’ve learned to understand the interior of the Earth – and we have no such knowledge for Mars.

“This has been something the principal investigator (JPL’s Bruce Banerdt) of this mission has been trying to get to Mars for nearly three decades, and so I’m really thrilled that this is now at a mature stage where he has been able to propose something that fits within the cost and schedule constraints of the Discovery programme.”[/box_dark]

The InSight robot will be equipped with a German-built thermal probe two cameras, one robotic arm and sensor that will very accurately determine the degree to which the planet wobbles on its axis,

The InSight will determine if the planet has a liquid or solid core, and provide some clues as to why its surface is not divided up into tectonic plates as on Earth and a seismic experiment and scientist will be listening for “marsquakes” back on earth. This data will let scientist learn how Mars was changed through time and how it currently is.

With the success of the Curiosity rover costing $2.5bn, NASA is expecting brighter future in exploration of the Red Planet. The  InSight mission will last for two earth years and will cost  $425m without rocket and is scheduled to launch on 8 to 27 March 2016.

Source: BBC

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