Mozilla has updated Firefox for Android to Version 6, and it comes with a surprise since we already know about the desktop version of Firefox hitting the 6.0 milestone today that too ahead of schedule. Mozilla has come with huge changeover with full of fixes, improvements, and features.

These are the following upgrades and enhancements:

  • Visual update for phones running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Better right-to-left language support
  • Smoother zooming and higher-quality image rendering
  • Optimizations for tablets and large-screen devices
  • Improved interaction with touch-optimized sites (e.g Google Maps, games)
  • Continued performance and memory management enhancements
  • Improved form helper

Have a look over the slide shots.

Firefox mobile can handle all the pages with complicated scripts better than those of the stock Android browser, or other browsers based on stock.Firefox has made over160 add-ons available now.

Firefox mobile is going good. Have a look at it.  Download link  the below, for devices running Android 2.0 and higher.

Download firefox from android market