We have got great news for Firefox lovers as Firefox 6 final is now available for Download.  It’s not available officially now but will be available anytime soon next week.  It looks like Firefox is ready to make its worldwide debut a few days early. This latest stable Final version offers more stability and improvements than the former test builds. The new version is almost 20% faster than the previous Firefox5.

In typical Mozilla fashion, a complete build of Firefox 6 is now unofficially available for your downloading pleasure, three days ahead of schedule. If you’re looking for a major facelift to the desktop edition, you won’t find one here — most of the new features aren’t cosmetic. Perhaps most visibly, you’ll find the domain name of the page you’re parked on highlighted in the address bar. On the Android side, version 6 makes much bigger promises, like a “fresh visual style in Chrome Gingerbread,” enhanced image scaling, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s “faster and uses less memory.” We’ve downloaded the desktop version of the browser ourselves, and we’ve found the release quite snappy. If you’re not afraid of a little pre-release downloading, you can catch the (desktop) fox at the source links below. And as per usual, please let us know how it’s treating you.


Source: Engadget and Techno Bolt

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