2011 wasn’t quite a good year for Motorola – it released some nice devices but didn’t attract as much attention as it would like to. Most experts say Motorola’s losing its ground because it offers good hardware with weak software that has nothing distinguishing or eye-catching. This year Motorola will try to fix this hole in its strategy and bring some juice to its software. The company is already making its first steps – now it’s going to start building VMware’s hypervisor into its phones like Samsung and LG do.

A hypervisor allows many operating systems to run on a host device at the same time. In a phone this software lets you switch between two virtual “parts” of the phone – one for personal use and one for business (better protected from any potential danger). You can even get dual billing and it’s a big advantage for business users who don’t want to mix business and personal in any way. Besides, it can be very useful for companies – they’ll be able to pay for the corporate apps of their employees and not for their personal ones. So this is a rather useful feature, and it will really help Motorola cater to many users, business ones at least.

However, this “dual-persona” approach has its shortcomings, and Motorola’s representatives understand it, too. For example, if you use Facebook from the “personal” part of your phone and email from the “business” one, in order to switch from the Facebook app to the email one you’ll have to sign out from one part and sign into the other all the time. If Motorola manages to think of something to make this “dual-persona” use more comfortable and easy, it will be a big step to bring the lost popularity back.

Motorola hasn’t yet announced any other details about its plans concerning the hypervisor, so we don’t know which phones will get it and when, but we hope we’ll hear more about this soon, when either of the companies officially announces their partnership.

What do you think, will VMware’s hypervisor help Motorola become more popular in 2012? Will it help Motorola’s new phones stand against the super-phones of the other manufacturers announced at MWC 2012?



This is a guest post by Amelia Hunter. Amelia Hunter is a geek crazy about smartphones and other gadgets. After MWC she constantly reads and writes about the phones announced there. She liked the HTC One X, the Nokia 808 PureView and the Sony Xperia S most of all, and she’s impatiently waiting for them to appear in stores together with some good deals from mobile operators.