According to a leaked video Google’s upcoming Moto X device will feature passive listening in order to respond to voice requests without a button press.

The video shows a user speaking to the phone to retrieve weather information from Google Now; by saying “Ok Google Now,” the phone accepts voice commands, similar to the way Google Glass works. The leaked video also demonstrates an alert system that flashes “active updates” when the phone is asleep to show which programs have notifications waiting. “Instead of a blinking light that doesn’t actually tell you anything,” the ad says, “information quietly appears on the screen.”

 Finally, the video shows off the Moto X’s photo features, including a new trick that allows a user to flick their wrist twice to access the phone’s camera. Another feature demonstrated in the leaked video will allow users to take a photo by tapping anywhere on the screen instead of having to press a shutter button.

The Moto X is the first phone to be created by Motorola entirely under Google’s hand, and is expected to be available this summer. In the leaked video, Rogers notes an August release, so we should be hearing something more official from Google soon.


Source: Rogers.