New reports says that Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 has broken its own record set by Call Of Duty: Black Ops when it was released a year ago. According to VGchartz website, 9.3 million copies of MW3 were sold on the first day breaking it previous record of 7 million with Black Ops.

[box_dark]“A reported 1.5 million people queued at midnight globally to get their hands on Modern Warfare 3, with a total of 9.3 million copies sold on the first day” – As a whole, Modern Warfare 3 is up 33% over Black Ops’ first day sales, and a whopping 55% up on the previous Modern Warfare. the US and the UK combined account for 7 million, which is just over 75%.”[/box_dark]

Source: vgchartz

  • Matt Etherington

    Not surprising, really. Great game overall.