Its fun to watch movies, play games or surf the net on the move. But its always better to do the same on a bigger screen, isn’t it? Well, that is exactly where Mobile2Go comes to picture. MMT Mobile2Go is a portable 15.6 inch monitor that you can use as a PC display, or as a docking station for your tablet. It offers choice between either a 1366 x 768 or 1600 x 900 pixel screen.

The devices can only connect to the display using an HDMI connection or USB connection. The monitor measures between 0.45-inch and 1.09-inches thick and weighs just 3 lbs. Monitor2Go includes a slide-in slot for the iPad 2or iPad 3, making it perfect for iOS 6devices.

The price tag for 1600×900 resolution version is $329, while a 1366×768 model will cost $299.

Source: laptopmag