Microsoft had shown great interest in Perceptive Pixel during Mobile Wold Congress held sometime ago. Now they have taken a bold move and has acquired Perceptive Pixel  for their expertise in touch screens and active stylus technology. This could mean  Microsoft Surface windows tablets will have great user interface experience.

Active Stylus uses Perceptive Pixel’s projected capacitive  touchscreen technology which  not only detects points of contacts but also the tip of the stylus hovering over the  display. The device can identify the location of the pen over the display like the latitude, longitude, distance, time ,depth, xyz coordinates .

[box_dark]“Work fluidly on screen with both the stylus and your hands without the need to toggle between input modes. Our innovative controller technology flawlessly differentiates styluses from fingers while tracking input from each stylus separately and eliminating false touches. You can easily annotate or draw on screen with one hand while repositioning on-screen objects with your other hand. And you can rest your wrist comfortably on the screen as you write or draw with the active stylus because our devices recognize and reject a palm or forearm touch input” Perceptive Pixel[/box_dark]

Source: SlashGear

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