Microsoft has announced its new Surface running on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro, a reborn brand that now lives as two products. It was a showy event with a strong conclusion: at the unification of software and hardware lies great things. Microsoft has found that greatness with the Xbox 360. Can it do so again with a new series of tablets? Here’s what we think.

Microsoft  unveiled not one but two pieces of hardware called the surface, The hardware looks great, the keyboard covers are a brilliant idea. It’s a tablet with a full-fledged OS; one capable of entertaining on the go, yet making me productive when docked. From a pure hardware standpoint, Microsoft looks to have nailed it down: simple but attractive designs, distinctive hardware touches. Microsoft Surface will give consumers a halo product to evaluate, which is necessary given the intense popularity of the iPad. At the very minimum, these two devices will set a benchmark for consumers to evaluate how Windows 8 tablets should behave, and the level of functionality they can expect.



Source: Engadget.

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