Remember a scene from Iron Man movie where we saw a 3D image of Iron Man suite? May the below image would refresh your memory:


It looks like Microsoft is giving a try to make this technology to come to life, with HoloDesk. HoloDesk, gets us as close as you can to a real 3D environment using today’s technology. With Holodesk you can manipulate 3-D, virtual images with your hands.

Wonder how it works? As per techspot it works by using a screen that sits above a flat surface. In-between the screen and the bottom is a beam splitter, which helps create the 3D effects. They have used the Kinect camera to provide face tracking for the HoloDesk user as well as the user’s hands. Combined with algorithms and other elements not mentioned, it enables the user to appear to be touching and moving 3D objects on the screen.



Source: techspot