With the disappointing sales of windows 7 smartphones, Microsoft plans to release dual-core and LTE phones. Windows Phone President Andy Lees told AllThingsD that the dual-core phones are coming but wouldn’t offer specifics. He also said the current collection of single-core Windows phones holds up well compared with dual-core Android phones and said LTE phones were coming but did not mention when they would arrive.

[box_dark]”They’re all single core, but I suspect that they will be faster in usage than any dual-core phone that you put against it, and that’s the point,” Lees said. He also added that “The first LTE phones were big and big of the battery, and I think it’s possible to do it in a way that is far more efficient, and that’s what we will be doing,” Lees said.[/box_dark]

Microsoft admitted it had experienced “lower than expected initial sales of Windows Phone 7” in a proxy statement, and are having high hopes about Mango, the update to Windows Phone 7.5 which company launched late last month.

Source: news.cnet