Yes, it is confirmed by Microsoft that Windows 8 will boast support for the USB 3.0 specification. Microsoft is now promising that Windows 8 will have robust USB 3.0 support. In the video below Microsoft is showing off with the data transfer speeds.In the video MS has claimed 10x speed difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0 in the real world.Microsoft will also continue to support all of your less speedy USB devices, and says that it’s actually created a brand new Microsoft USB Test Tool (or MUTT) with 1,000 different USB devices on a single flash drive.


  • Well, That saves our precious time.

  • Wow windows 8 is going to be incredible… Maybe even more of game changer than 7 was 🙂 I’m excited, I’m even more excited to see where microsoft takes things in the future

  • USB 3.0 Internal SSD?? External USB 3.0, I totally get but why would you have a USB 3.0 internal device when you have SATA3 or PCIe in the box? I think this is going to be cool for some very exciting peripherals, not an internal bus.