Microsoft might reveal its plans for launching Windows 10 across phones and tablets during the January 21 event.

Though the company didn’t reveal what it’s going to showcase, it is revealed that it will announce a few features of Windows 10 for phones, also called Windows 10 mobile. According to The Verge, Windows 10 mobile OS will be a combination of the Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems.


Microsoft had recently launched the Phone Insider app, which gives registered Windows users pre-release OS updates on their phone. The app only works for Microsoft employees as of now.

According to Zdnet, Windows 10 mobile OS is expected to work on Intel- and ARM-based tablets, as well as Windows Phones.

Microsoft had earlier said that all devices running Windows 8 Phone can upgrade to Windows 10 mobile. Windows 10, which was announced in September, will provide a more unified experience across all kinds of devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones. It is expected to have one application store which will allow users download and update them from any device.

Source : CNET