Mercedes is introducing an “iPhone Interface Plus” concept  at this year’s IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt. Working together with a free app from the App Store, an iPhone will be concealed in the “glove compartment and fully integrated into the vehicle electronics”. You can then use hardware controls and the a larger display on the vehicle’s dashboard to control and view content with as little distraction as possible while driving.

The app is designed specifically for in-car use, allowing easy interaction with email, and GPS services, as well as text-to-speech capabilities for email, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The iPhone Interface Plus” will available as a retrofit on every Mercedes Benz starting summer 2012.

“A iPad Integration Plus system for rear seat passengers can be tilted, or turned through 90°. This convenient docking station is an ergonomic solution that makes it possible to use the Apple iPad®, with all its familiar functions, in your Mercedes-Benz. All connection points are easily accessible. The battery can also be recharged, using a separate Apple data cable that links into the vehicle’s on-board electricity supply via an integrated USB interface.”

Source: 9to5mac