Maxthon Cloud Browser Windows Phone

Popular cloud-based browser – Maxthon is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices. The browser can be downloaded for free from Windows phone store.

Some for the major features of this browser include:

  • Cloud Services Make the Multi-Device Web Easier

Sign in with a free Maxthon Passport account and sync your favorites online, and to other devices using the Maxthon Cloud Browser on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

  • A New Take on Tabs for Windows Phone

Easily view, and move forward and backward between your tabs.

  • Live Tiles in Quick Access

Maxthon has taken its famous ‘Quick Access’ feature and reinvented it for Windows Phone.  Easily pick, apply and access live Windows ’tiles’ right from Maxthon’s ‘Quick Access’ feature.

  • Pop – Up Address Bar

Access search and the address bar when you want it. A simple gesture causes it to pop-up.