University of California San Diego have developed new math algorithms that can cut lithium-ion battery charge times in half. The battery advancement over the years have been in improving hardware, over-designed, over sized batteries which weigh and cost more. San Diego researchers have been developing complex algorithms that can estimate where lithium ions are within cells to more accurately predict battery health.

[box_dark]Professor Miroslav Krstic and UC President explains: “This research is bringing the promise that, with advanced estimation algorithms that are based on mathematical models, batteries can be charged faster and can run more powerful electric motors,”-”We have the unique ability to address the difficulties in estimating the battery’s state of charge heads-on, at the electrochemical level,”[/box_dark]

Researchers are incredibly confident about what will become of their research: “This technology is going into products that people will actually use.”

The researchers are already able to charge the battery twice as fast then currently possible, fuel cells run more efficiently and potentially cut production costs by 25 percent. During the test the batteries are said to have charged in 15 minutes.

Source: Gizmodogeekygadgets