Mahindra Vodafone E2O

An app that can control your car, sounds more like a science fiction isn’t? But that is what Mahindra and Vodafone India intent to do. India’s popular automaker – Mahindra and popular telecom giant – Vodafone have teamed up to create an app that lets Mahindra e20 owners control their vehicle remotely.

For those who are not aware, Mahindra e2o is an electric car. The app will give information like how much charge is left in the battery of the car and how far it will be able to travel. The user will also be able to locate the nearest charging station with the help of this app. The app also gets a very useful feature that can give an emergency boost charge to the car’s battery to make it go an extra 8-10km. Other feature include lock and unlock their car from their remote device and switch on the AC of the car. The app is also capable of detecting problems in the car and automatically informs the owner as well as informs Mahindra engineers who can help them solve the problem.

This app is available on phones and tablets across various platforms like Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Source: BGR