MacBook 2016 Review Is Apple’ 12-Inch Retina Laptop worth Buying
MacBook 2016 Review Is Apple’ 12-Inch Retina Laptop worth Buying

As 2016’s 2nd quarter kicks off, Apple introduces a brand new MacBook: the MacBook 2016. It is not the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro – just the MacBook.

According to many loyal Mac users, it is definitely an excellent addition to the product line. Some Windows users are even considering the decision to take it home. As reports put it, an increasing number of people are going crazy about it. The reviews about the product? They are mostly positive, and sure, there are a few negative hints on the side.

For somebody who is seriously considering a purchase, you might want to get a scoop of the real deal. So, is Apple’s one and only pink (rose gold) worth buying?


About the MacBook 2016

The MacBook 2016 is a revolutionary Apple product. The Macintosh brand officially announced its release on April 19, 2016.

It is a revision of the 2015-released MacBook. Its design centers on the original version’s improvement. Particularly, its design features Intel Core processors, Intel graphics, speedier storage, speedier RAM, and longer battery life. It aces the aim of Apple’s design engineers. For an improved version of last year’s product, it does not disappoint.

Additionally, the outstanding factor of the new MacBook is its appearance and color. Often, it is compared to MacBook Air’s appearance. However, it is noticeably thinner and lighter. Unlike the MacBook 2015, it is exclusively available in rose gold.


Product Features: Specifications & Programs

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  • 280 mm (W) x 197 mm (D) X 13.1 mm (H)
  • 2.03 lbs.
  • 10.11 El Capitan Operating System
  • 1.2 GHz to 2.7 GHz Turbo Boost CPU (configurable to m7 1.3 GHz with L3 4 MB cache)
  • Intel Core m3, m7, and m5-65Y4 processors
  • 8 GB memory LPDDR3 1867 MHz
  • 12” IPS LED-backlit Retina display
  • HD 515 Intel Graphics
  • Force Touch track pad (with Force Click)
  • 512 GB storage PCIe flash
  • 1/10/1000 BASE-T networking GB Ethernet (with USB-Ethernet adapter)
  • 802.11 ac Wi-Fi connectivity
  • USB type-C connector
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Dual microphones
  • Stereo speakers
  • Headphone port (with support for iPod, iPhone, iPad headsets with mic and remotes)
  • Built-in lithium-polymer battery 39.4 Watt per hour

MacBook 2016 Review Is Apple 12-Inch Retina Laptop worth Buying 2

Built-in programs (apps):

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Facetime
  • Game Center
  • GarageBand
  • iBooks
  • iMovie
  • iPhoto
  • iTunes
  • Keynote
  • Mac Apps Store
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Photo Booth
  • QuickSync
  • Safari
  • Time Machine

With all of its features, the MacBook 2016’s design is aimed at being an excellent tool for the modern individual. It is meant to help a laptop-user handle different tasks effortlessly. While on the go, you can maximize your responsibilities.

It supports the need to keep up (and even compete) with the hectic schedules of the present-day reality. It is complete with Apple software that lets you take advantage of wireless connectivity. Regardless of the activity, the new laptop offers to make it possible for you.


The Award-Winning Retina Display

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The 2016 MacBook features a 12” Retina display. It presents images vividly on a 2304 X 1440 resolution in a 16:10 aspect ratio. At a 170-degree angle, viewing is exceptional. You have the option to a custom resolution. After setting it to high-DPI mode, you can enjoy a 1920 X 1080 resolution.

Its glass is designed to make media appear crisper and clearer. It presents more than 3,000,000 pixels. Consequently, photos and videos appear colorful and vibrant on the screen. So far, it carries the torch as the MacBook with the thinnest Retina display. It continues to receive applause for its daunting visual offers.


The Mac’s Brilliant Performance

Behind the MacBook 2016’s brilliant performance are powerful 6th generation Intel Core processors. It features Intel 515 graphics and a far bigger memory. Consequently, it works measurably faster – up to 25% faster than the older MacBook.

The results of Benchmark tests:

  • 4.0 Unigine Heaven (1,680 X 1,050) Ultra Quality; 397 (Score) 15.7 (FPS)
  • Speed Test BlackMagic Disk; 921 MB per second (Read); 838 MB per second (Write)
  • Tomb Raider (1,400 X 900) Medium Quality; 17.8 (FPS)

The Revolutionary Track Pad

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The 2016 MacBook presents a unique way of experiencing a track pad. It features a Force Touch track pad. It is very responsive and it promises uniform clicks.

The new MacBook’s track pad is engineered with force sensors underneath. With the technology, it allows detection of the amount of applied pressure. It also presents haptic feedback. It enables vibrations to bring life to on-screen features.

To top it all off, the MacBook 2016’s track pad is designed with Force Click. It enables useful capabilities such as:

Force Click functions:

  • Create Events by clicking dates
  • Drop Maps pins
  • Lookup word definitions
  • Preview files
  • Preview Calendar dates
  • Rename labels
  • Right click on dock icons
  • Show all windows
  • Show Do Not Disturb option
  • Zoom in on Maps


Keyboard for Comfort

The MacBook’s keyboard is laudable. Since Apple’s design engineers believe it’s best, it features a full-size keyboard. It makes way for precise, responsive, and of course, comfortable typing.

With the MacBook 2016’s slim design, the keyboard’s construction is one-of-a-kind. The keys have been redesigned for a perfect fit.


The Good & The Bad


  • It features a very responsive track pad and keyboard. With the advanced design of its track pad and keyboard, it is much easier to navigate.
  • It has a beautiful screen. It can present media with topnotch quality. Watching videos, editing clips, and looking at photos are more enjoyable.
  • It has a long battery life. Due to improved battery chemistry and efficient processors, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous laptop usage.
  • It has surprisingly loud internal speakers. With it, you can expect amazing sound quality.
  • It is very portable and light. It is easy to carry. Especially for the on-the-go individual, the lightness is appreciated.
  • It offers a virtually flawless cable solution. With the USB-C connector, you can use an external display as docking station.
  • It presents easy charging. You can even toss small battery packs.
  • Its processor is futuristic. As users will attest, the MacBook 2016 can handle any basic task.


  • It does not feature an internal fan. While the absence of fan noise can be advantageous, the absence of an internal fan is rather impractical with frequent laptop use.
  • It features a 480-p Facetime camera. For avid Facetime users, the low quality of the built-in camera is a turn-off.
  • It is relatively expensive. According to some users, the price increase (from the 2015 version) is unreasonable.


The MacBook 2016 has its own string of advantages and disadvantages. It is a great addition to the Macintosh line, but it could use a few tweaks. For an innovative Apple product, you can almost tell its plus sides, as well as its drawbacks. Nevertheless, it continues to have many fans.

The USB-C Port: Let’s Talk about Charging & Connections

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The charging port of the MacBook 2016 is a USB-C port. From there, you can effortlessly connect the cable whether the laptop is in use or not. It boasts of a reversible design, too. It comes with a lightweight power brick. It resembles that of the iPad 1; it is very small.

Moreover, the USB-C port is versatile. Alongside charging, it can be a means of quick data transfer. It allows you to connect to any compatible external peripherals (e.g. external VGAs, HDMI, external storage, iPhone, iPad).


The Price: Reasonable?

The MacBook 2016 is available for $1,299. Compared to other high-quality laptops, it is quite heavy on the pocket.

However, just like most Apple products, the cost is not much of a surprise. For its almost error-free build, the figures are somehow reasonable.

Consumer Reviews: People’s Opinions about the New MacBook

According to many consumers, the MacBook 2016 is wonderful. They are glad they made the investment since it can offer them incomparable convenience. Wherever they may be, it allows them to comply with nearly all of their tasks.

As they would add, there is hardly anything to complain about regarding its performance. They are after premium experience, and the laptop did not disappoint. It might be worth a bit much, but for its capabilities, the price is justifiable.

On the other hand, a few are unsatisfied with the new version of the MacBook. As they would imply, although it is an upgraded model, it is hardly impressive. Sure, the improvements are noticeable, but a part of them believes that Apple could do better.

According to the unhappy bunch, an apparent downside of the 2016 MacBook is its predictability. They would rather wait for a later version. In addition, if given a chance, they would not give it a 10/10 rating; an 8.5/10 rating may be ideal.


Conclusion: Is the MacBook 2016 All Good?

In summation, the MacBook 2016 is not short of the outstanding performance of virtually all Apple products. It is attractive and has a superb build.

Its components are top-class so its performance is no surprise. Compared to the 2015 MacBook, it gets an A+ for superb upgrade. In addition, compared to the previous, it is definitely much better.

Arguably, the 2016 MacBook is an awesome revision of the originally released MacBook. With this new laptop, Apple is clearly on track regarding the ongoing developments with its products. Then again, if you want a total package, waiting for what might be a 3rd version of the MacBook is best.