Linus Torvalds has been chosen as one of two recipients of the Millennium Technology Prize. Torvolds is best known for having initiated the development of the open source Linux kernel. The other personality selected for this prize is Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Japan, who is being recognized for his work in stem cell research.

Torvalds was named a 2012 laureate by the Technology Academy of Finland for his creation and ongoing contributions to the open-source operating system. Created in 2004, the awards recognize “technological innovation that significantly improves the quality of human life, today and in the future” every two years.

It[Linux] has become the basis of Android smartphones, tablets, digital television recorders and supercomputers the world over. Today millions of people are using devices with Linux at their core that make their work and social lives so much easier and more pleasurable.

Torvalds will receive the award at a June 13 ceremony in Helsinki, Finland.

Source: cnet