Kulfi, Kaaju Katli or Kheer? One can only wait and watch, but as of now we have some exciting news for Update Lovers! The update for Jellybean will be out next month and the phone to feature would be LG’s oft-rumored Nexus!
22 inch wheels
22 inch rims
These are the rumored changes in the new update:

  • Customization Center:  A great move by the makers, I must say(If it is really adapted)! This section is supposed to allow the users to change/modify ringtones, color schemes, themes and everything else that will let quickly change the color scheme or appearance of the UI, including icons.
  • New Google Play: A much needed update for Google play is said to be featured which will include more options for billings and much more.
  • Google Now: The budding Google Now will also get an update that’ll let you not only search things on the web but also modify internal features like Switching ON/OFF of Bluetooth, WiFi etc.
  • Project Roadrunner: The rumor also goes that Google has a special operation named Project Roadrunner to improve Battery Life of Android Phones which has been a major issue with Android OS since it’s inception.


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