Finally India gets a treat of LG’s HX906TX Home Theater System which features 3D surround sound functionality. As per the claims, the system would provide users an immersive 3D surround sound setup through a ‘Vertical 3D effect channel’  which works by emitting sound through top-firing upright speakers installed on four Tallboy Speakers.

Here are the major features of the system:

  • CINEMA 3D Sound Technology
  • 9.1 Speakers
  • Upright 3D Speakers
  • 360º Reflector
  • Sound Field Expansion
  • 3D Sound Analyzer
  • FULL HD 3D Blu-rayTM Playback
  • LG Smart TV function
  • Premium Content
  • LG Apps
  • Multi Playback (3D/DVD/HD DivX/MKV/ACD/MP3/AVCHD)
  • Wi-Fi Direct™ and DLNA
  • Audio Return Channel
  • LG Remote via Smartphone
  • External HDD Playback
  • Music ID by Gracenote
  • iPhone / iPod Playback and Recharge

A 360º Reflector, Sound field expansion and 3D Sound Analyzer directs the sound in such a way that it creates “Sound Shower” effect. The system also has a built in Wi-Fi, enabling users to connect with the internet for online content. It also includes the ability to have a theoretical 9.1 channel setup which works by adding the four upright 3D speakers to a traditional 5.1 channel setup.

The HX906TX Home Theater System is priced at Rs 59,990.

Source: BGR India