LG today has revealed DM92 27-inch monitor featuring 1mm bezel, which will improve power consumption efficiency and will be 25 percent more efficient than current IPS panels. The DM97 will also include chrome kick-stand, 3D support and built in 7W speakers. Along with the DM97 LG has also introducing DM82 and DM52 at a lower price point. The full specifications of IPS monitors will be reviled at Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Vegas.

[box_dark]”The quality and technological superiority of LG’s 3D display products are second to none, according to the findings of internationally renowned research organizations and respected media outlets,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “The 2011 IPS monitor line-up shows LG’s commitment to further build upon on this reputation and technological prowess in order to provide consumers with the most immersive home entertainment experience possible.”[/box_dark]

Source: theverge