Lenovo has unveiled the new IdeaCentre Q190 on Thursday. “The world’s smallest full-function desktop PC” as said by Lenovo measures 22 mm in width, and features an optional Blu-ray disc drive, 7.1 surround sound, and full HD graphics which, along with a built-in mini-keyboard, mouse, and wireless remote. It is powered by an Intel Core i3 processor, and runs Windows 8 as the operating system.Priced at approximately Rs. 19,139 the desktop is expected to be available from January 2013.

The C-Series all-in-one computers each offer up to 1TB of hard drive space, with the exception of the C540, which offers up to 2TB. You can get up to 8GB of RAM, and will have access to a 720p HD webcam, the Lenovo Education portal, and Dolby Advanced Audio V2. The C340, C440, C540, C345, and C445 models are all running Windows 8.

The C240 and C245 come at a starting price of $349 and feature an 18.5 inch display. The C240 has an Intel Celeron CPU, while the C245 has an AMD E2 dual-core processor. The C340 and C345 have 20-inch displays, the C440 and C445 have 21.5-inch displays, and the C540 has a 23-inch display.

Here are the price details of other C-series all-in-one computers: C340 ($499), C440 ($519), C540 ($549), C345 ($479), and C445 ($499). The C240 and C245 will be available in November, while the rest will be available in January.

Source: Slashgear