The gaming world has been abuzz the last few days as Microsoft has been sending invites to what is being called an XBox launch event later this month.  Also, Microsoft acquisition of several domains names may prove to be an unintended reveal of the official name of the new Xbox.

Last week, Microsoft started to send invites to what is now being called by many as the Xbox 720 official launch event.  The invitation simply reads  “A New Generation Revealed.  Don Mattrick and the Xbox team invite you tot he Xbox campus for a special unveiling.”  The reveal will take place on May 21st and will be broadcast live on Spike TV, Xbox Live, and

Gamers from around the world are itching to play games on the new console and find out what the new features will be offered in the finished product.  The name for the project has not been released as of yet but the internet by and large has dubbed the new Xbox as the Xbox 720 while others have used the code name Durango.  However, as Fusible pointed out on Tuesday that the Microsoft has registered several domain names with the pointing to the “Xbox Fusion.”

Researching some of the rumored names that have been floated for the new Xbox system, Microsoft only owns the .com addresses for,, and  With that said, the company has acquired numerous Xbox Fusions domains, including, XboxFusion.bix, XboxFusion,, and many more.

With the reveal set for May 21st, gamers only have a little over a couple of weeks left to wait for the new system.  Considering that Sony is looking to get the PS4 into stores ahead of Christmas 2014, expect Microsoft to match suit and ramp up the complete release of the new system and once these two giant consoles hit the market, the arcade places and mobile phone gaming apps will get a run of their money.