A 2004 study at state university of new york has shown that excessive use of laptop rested on their lap can raise the scrotal temperature by 5 degree fahrenheit and can reduce the sperm count.Recently,a UK man and his wife were finding it hard to conceive and they were shocked after doctors diagnosed that his laptop had caused heat damage to his sperms.

As a result, the 30-year-old electrician Scott Reed and his wife, Laura, were finding it hard to have a baby.

Reed started using his laptop on his table and within three months his wife was pregnant,the ‘daily mail’ reported.

“I’ve never heard of this happening before, when the doctors told us it was a real shock,Scott would use his laptop in the evenings for a couple of hours on and off while we were watching television. He would use it for work and general things like Facebook. We had absolutely no idea the damage it was causing him” Laura said.

Some tests were conducted on the couple and it showed that scott was producing good quality of sperms  but had suffered heat Damage.

Sample under the microscope showed that  the tail of the sperm had coiled around the head, meaning it couldn’t swim quickly to the egg.

After many months of trying,the couple are finally expecting a baby.