Koss  announced something to shake things up a bit, Koss has created what it claims to be the first lineup of headphones to use “WiFi technology that receives music directly from the Internet without wires.”

To start, there’s the over-ear Pro model, loaded with gesture controls for volume and channel adjustments, while an in-ear set, dubbed Tap, is also available for extra portability. Interestingly, the Taps don’t use a connecting wire — instead, “microprocessors” inside of of each earpiece consistently ensure that the stereo signal is staying in sync, both models feature Koss’ Core, which the company describes as battery-powered microprocessors coupled with WiFi components. Utilizing the company’s new MyKoss server, you’ll be able to pull content from a variety of free audio streams, and customize your own listening experience with the included music management software. Lastly, if you don’t have a WiFi connection — in cases such as using your cellphone — each unit comes with a “matchbook-sized” Content Access Point, which lets you easily create a WiFi hub of sorts to enable wireless listening wherever you are.

If these headphones have piqued your interest, get ready for the kicker: the Taps are priced at $500, while the Pros are set at a slightly cheaper $450. Both models are available from Koss today, and you’ll find more info in the press release and video just after the break.


Source: Engadget.

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