kolibree electric brush

Kolibree, the world’s first connected electric toothbrush has launched its Kickstarter campaign with pre-orders available to the public. The device is a smart brush that keeps your teeth clean. It detects where you’ve brushed and whether you are missing important parts of your mouth.

The electric toothbrush comes with Bluetooth connectivity, sonic technology, an 8-axis accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a gyroscope. On Kickstarters the first 500 funders will be offered a Kolibree toothbrush for only $99, with a price point of $129 for the next 1,000 supporters. The device comes in four colors: Feather White, Dove Gray, Berry Blue or Cerise Pink.

kolibree mobile app

The device sends information to your iOS or Android device which helps you track your brushing habits. Kolibree also provides an API that will allow developers to create their own games to motivate kids (and adults) to brush their teeth better, and turn a chore into a fun experience. The development kit is available for $199 with beta access to API. The dentists can buy an educational software package for $299.

kolibree technical specs