Klipsch has unveiled its new Image S4i Rugged in-ear headphones. The Rugged S4i cost same as the original S4i for $99.99 and also sounds just like the original S4i.

The Rugged S4i feature all-weather design resists moisture and functions through extreme elements, Ruggedness with tough rubber moldings, music and call control on Apple products and works some Android products, mic for hands-free phone calls, oval ear tips provide comfortable wear for hours, also includes zippered carrying case and is available in yellow, orange, blue and red colors. The headphones will be shipped from July.

[box_dark]Chris Aiello, Klipsch product manager for headphones explained in the press release sent out today:

“Whether rock climbing or dirt biking, there’s no question one’s music library enhances the experience,”-”With the Image S4i Rugged, we intend to offer the most extreme outdoor enthusiasts the acclaimed audio they too deserve, while also allowing them elements of personal style and, most important, durability.”[/box_dark]

Source: cnet

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