Steve Ballmer has already confirmed that Microsoft will be launching Kinect motion sensing controller for the desktop PC platform soon. And it looks like The Daily has already got its hands on pair of prototypes incorporating Kinect sensors.

Asus netbooks running Windows 8 gets the first chance. It features an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be. The bottom of the display apparently had a bunch of LEDs lined up, possibly infrared to illuminate the subject in low lighting conditions.

A source at Microsoft has confirmed that the devices are indeed official prototypes of laptops featuring a Kinect sensor. In terms of functionality, there are hundreds of different ways that motion control could be leveraged in a portable. Gaming has the most obvious applications, but a Kinect-enabled laptop could also toggle between programs with the wave of a hand, or media controls could be tweaked with the wag of a finger. What’s more, motion-controlled portables could offer a new way for disabled individuals to interact with their devices.

Asus may very well be the first to announce such a notebook especially since the company was already working a Kinect-like prototype called the WAVI Xtion. The future of gaming does look very surprising yet interesting. Keep watching this space to get more updates.

Source: The Daily