The Kindle

Like any other well known brand, people either love it or hate it, however the revolutionary electronic reader known as the Kindle is here to stay. This innovative gadget has proved to be somewhat divisive among its many commentators, split between those who prefer ‘the look and
feel of books’ and would never give up their addiction to dusty tomes, to those who relish being able to carry around their entire book collection with them and buy and sample books at the touch of a button.

Since its first launch in 2007 the Amazon tablet ‘e-reader’ has certainly evolved. From being a somewhat bulky white version of a tablet with 250mb of memory and the ability to hold 200 books, to the slick gadget which it is today that can hold millions of books and provides access to various applications; its evolution has been remarkable.

The second release of this gadget in 2009 was improved so that it could convert text to speech and was able to hold around 1,500 electronic books, this was then followed up by the DX model with PDF reading capabilities and a larger screen.

The first models did not come with free 3G as an option, seeing a ‘gap’ in the market, Amazon were quick to take advantage of this opportunity and with the third model they provided free 3G access, albeit at a small premium to the purchase price.

This feature comes into its own when travelling. Anyone who travels extensively will not only appreciate not having to lug all their books around with them, but with this feature, are able to hook up to the internet almost anywhere in the world.

This brings us to the all new Kindle Fire which was launched with the usual fanfare which surrounds any new release of a popular gadget. In general, fans will not be disappointed. The latest offering from Amazon has the following features:

• Access to millions of multi media offerings (not just books) from music, to magazines, to video.
• A 7 inch 1024 x 600 pixel colour display.
• Cloud accelerated web browser
• Touch Screen
• Fast Dual Core Processor
• Built in Email Application
• Free Cloud Storage

The look and feel has been improved too, although it should be noted that there is no option for a keyboard, only touch screen. If you are already an owner of a keyboard device, and use the keyboard a lot, then this could be a deal breaker. Furthermore it appears that the latest release
is more designed for web browsing, games and music, although you can of course read books on it.

All in all, the latest edition is a good buy. But this is nothing more than we have come to expect from the world’s leading innovative online  bookstore.

After all, not only has the Amazon e-reader revolutionised the way we read and buy books, but it has also revolutionised e-publishing. Things can only get better.