Java Vulnerability to affect Billions of Windows Users, researchers at Security Explorations have reported that vulnerability in Java which could provide an attacker control of a victim’s computer. Researchers have confirmed that running Windows 7 32-bit operating system having Java SE 5 – Update 22, Java SE 6 – Update 35, and Java SE 7 Update 7  are susceptible to the attack.

The Flaw allows the hackers to gain control over the victims computer through websites. This could also we affected through Safari 5.1.7, Opera 12.02, Chrome 21.0.1180.89, Firefox 15.0.1, and Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 web browsers.

Oracle quickly fixed the problem which was reported by Security Explorations on August 30 and found another bug in the fix where   hackers would bypass through the patch. The bug hasn’t been fixed yet, leaving users vulnerable to both the new flaw and the previous attack.

Source: thehackernews

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