A Japanese research team from Tokyo Institute of Technology  have broken the world record for wireless data transmission in the tetrahertz range. The data transfer rate being 3GB/sec . That is 20 times faster than the typical Wifi used today. Imagine that kinda speed!

They achieved this feat by using specialized hardware. They used a 1 millimeter square device called a “resonate tunneling diode”. This creates high current at small voltage levels. Increasing the current made the device to resonate and transmit the signal. The Scientists used the T-ray band of the electromagnetic spectrum . This band falls between the frequency 300GHz to 3THz. This spectrum range is between microwave and far-infrared and has potential for WiFi network.
The Research team is hard at work at further refinment of their project and plans to further utilize the tetrahertz spectrum and increase power output. The full disclosure of information from the researchers has been published in Electronics Letters.

We at GEEKTECH thank and congratulate the team on their achievement and wish them all the best.


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