First the hackers from Saudi Arabia hacked Israeli credit card accounts and now Israeli hacker reply back by publishing details of hundreds of Saudi hacked credit cards details online. There were news that Israel seeks revenge after credit cards hacked and now it has come true.

Hacker group of Saudi Arabia had hacked 400,000 credit cards all belonging to Israeli people and this was said to be one of the worst incidents of data theft in Israel.

The Israeli hacker, OxOmer or “Omer Cohen”, has listed names, email addresses, phone numbers and numbers of over 200 cards, most of which were within their expiry dates.

OxOmer is reported to have said,

“This is just the beginning”.

He also added that he has information on a further 300,000 working Saudi credit card numbers. He said:

  “If they publish one more little detail on Israel, we will attack in full force and publish all of the credit card details,”

Such hacking incidents create a cause of worry for Israel and Saudi Arabia’s relationship. Experts believe that the act has the potential for virtual or cyber wars in the Middle East.

Source: bbc