Hacker named oxOmar from group-xp, hacker group of Saudi Arabia had hacked 400,000 credit cards all belonging to Israeli people. And it looks like Israel is in no mood to tolerate this act. Israel has promised to hit back and they also added by saying the act of online publication of thousands of its citizens’ credit card details by a hacker was comparable to terrorism.

Even though the country says that the financial damage was minimal, the breaches were welcomed by the Palestinian militant group Hamas and have heightened concerns about the potential use of stolen information by the Jewish state’s foes.

Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister said:

“a breach of sovereignty comparable to a terrorist operation, and must be treated as such,”

He also added by telling Israel had not yet ruled out the possibility that the hacking had been carried out by a group “more organized and sophisticated … than a lone youth.”

“Israel has active capabilities for striking at those who are trying to harm it, and no agency or hacker will be immune from retaliatory action,”

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in Gaza:

“We urge Arab youth to ignore these cowardly Israeli threats and to use all means available in the virtual space to confront Israeli crimes,”

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Source: reuters