The state television on Thursday said that Iran has detected a planned “massive cyber attack” against its nuclear facilities. As per Iran’s Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi, the attacks were carried out by the United States and Israel, along with Britain.

He quotes:

“Based on obtained information, America and the Zionist regime (Israel) along with the MI6 planned an operation to launch a massive cyber attack against Iran’s facilities following the meeting between Iran and the P5+1 in Moscow,”

He also added:

“They still seek to carry out the plan, but we have taken necessary measures,”

Previously a highly sophisticated computer virus, dubbed “Flame“, had infected computers in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Iran had also blamed Flame for causing data loss on computers in the country’s main oil export terminal and Oil Ministry. However later it was proved that Flame could spy on conversations on the computers it infects and steal data.


It was not clear if the cyber attack referred to by Moslehi was “Flame”, or a new virus.

Source: Reuters