Are you an underwater phot enthusiast? Do you own an iPhone? If your answer is yes for both, then we got something for you. Instead of shelling out cash for and underwater camera, you can now turn your iPhone into one. Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone is not water-proof now or anything. But you can now get a scuba case for it. The iPhone scuba is made by TAT7  and looks pretty good.

The case is water proof, and has three mechanical buttons, placed in such a way so that you can still operate the camera. One of the buttons help in switching between video and still image modes. One button acts as shutter and the last one is the home button. So you will need to activate the camera before putting the iPhone into the case, and since you won’t be able to slide to unlock once inside,you need to disable the auto lock timer too.

The iPhone Scuba Case is up for sal at $85 and will come with a lanyard that users can slide over their wrist to prevent their iPhone from sinking into the depths of the ocean. Head on down to TAT7’s website for the details.

Source: UberGizmo