Just as a week passes by the launch of iPhone 5, there were many experiments conducted on the phone mercilessly to the brink of destruction. The video below shows the iPhone 5′s durability against 5 x 1.25 watt high powered lasers. Wicked Lasers arrange 5 x spyder 3 Arctics 1.25watt lasers a few feet form iPhone 5, as the lasers turned on, it burnt a hole right through the smartphone. The iPhone 5 was still operating even though the screen is pretty much destroyed.

Wicked Lasers also used insanely bright and powerful flashlights called Flash Torch as it produces light and heat to set things on fire. When the Flash Torch which was placed right in front of the phone, hit screen of the iPhone 5, it bursts into flames.

Check out the video below:

Source: Slashgear

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