We all know about the antenna issue the iPhone 4 had when it was released. But now its seems like even the latest iPhone 4S also is plagued with its own major fault. According to a lot of 4S users , the device has a very poor battery life.

It was found that the device was draining 10% of charge every hour, even in the standby mode. Even when special features like Location Services and Siri were turned off. No official fix has been released yet. Although the problem being a simple software glitch, which could easily be resolved with a patch. There stands a bigger problem involved with it.

Guardian that the problem in the iOS5 is due to the Location Services, The Setting Time Zone function is keeping the time zone tracking hardware continuously running , which drains the battery at a much higher rate. One could turn off this feature entirely, but it would result in users unable to set their time between different time zones.